Are you looking to step up your trading game without breaking the bank? Apex Trader Funding offers a fantastic opportunity for aspiring traders to access evaluation accounts with ease. Not only does Apex Trader Funding provide you with an excellent platform to hone your trading skills, but they also offer incredible discounts and coupon codes to make your journey even more affordable. Here’s why you should choose Apex Trader Funding for your evaluation accounts, and how you can enjoy substantial savings through their exclusive discount codes.

1. Minimum Trading Days, Maximum Opportunities

Apex Trader Funding understands that time is of the essence for traders. With a minimum requirement of just 7 trading days, you can qualify for evaluation accounts. A trading day, as defined from 6 PM one day to 5 PM the next day, provides ample opportunities to showcase your skills and meet the criteria.

2. Trailing Threshold: Stress-Free Trading

Worried about daily drawdown? Apex Trader Funding has got you covered. Their live trailing threshold feature allows you to monitor your drawdown in real-time using the rtrader software provided. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and focus on what you do best – trading!

3. Trade Any Day, Anytime

Flexibility is key in the trading world. Apex Trader Funding lets you trade 23 hours a day, including holidays and news hours, from 6 PM ET to 4:59 PM ET. Just ensure your trades are closed and pending orders canceled before the clock strikes 4:59 PM ET, and you’re good to go!

4. Maximum Position Size: Trade with Confidence

Trade without constraints! Apex Trader Funding’s system caps your positions, ensuring you won’t be stopped out for trading more contracts in evaluation or funded accounts. This means you can focus on your strategies and trade with confidence.

5. Trade During News: Navigate Market Volatility

News trading can be tricky, but not with Apex Trader Funding. They provide clear guidelines that prevent you from trading your regular system during news announcements. This ensures you won’t make hasty decisions that could jeopardize your progress.

6. One Simple Step to Qualify

Hit your profit target before reaching your maximum drawdown within 7 days of trading, and you qualify for evaluation accounts. It’s a straightforward process designed to reward your trading skills and efforts.

7. Apex Trader Funding: Accessible Worldwide

Apex Trader Funding extends its services to over 100 countries, making it a global choice for traders. To check if your country is eligible, click [here](insert your link).

Exclusive Discounts Await You!

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Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your trading journey with Apex Trader Funding. Seize the discounts, trade with confidence, and embark on a successful trading career. Happy trading! Click here to learn more about Prop Trading.